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What is Property Organizer?

Property Organizer allows you to stay on top of all aspects of your property through quick and easy access to all your information. When utilizing our other applications, have your information entered automatically whenever an inspection is performed at your property.

Does Property Organizer allow user management?

Yes! Property Organizer allows unlimited user management. Whether you have a property manager or tenant that needs access to the property information, they can be added with a permission schedule to allow access to certain aspects of your property.

Does Property Organizer allow integration with other applications?

Yes! Property Organizer integrates with all four applications of the Property Linkware suite. When an inspection company using Link Inspect Pro performs an inspection on your property, the information is automatically added to your Property Organizer account.

Can you request inspections through Property Organizer?

Yes! By the press of a button, you can request inspections on your property. This request is sent to all inspectors in your area, where they can bid on the request and you can accept whoever you feel the most comfortable with.

Is Property Organizer free?

Yes! Property Organizer is completely free. To verify ownership of a property and become a verified user it costs $10. Once verifying your property you have access to many more features.

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