Property Management

Property Layout

  • Input your property layout and see inspection data, store notes and information, and upload documents directly to any room or location

Upload Documents

  • Upload and store documents attached to properties, locations within a property, or to assets

Store Images

  • Store images and create a gallery for each property


  • Track project information including dates, status, and budget, as well as attach documents and images and tag associated contacts and vendors

Request Inspections

  • Give basic details about what kind of inspection you’re looking for and verified Link Inspect Pro inspection companies will send you a quote to get your job done right

Property Details

  • Add units, manage tenants, track important dates, and more about your property

Permission Matrix

  • Want to share data with one manager but not another? Set individual sharing and user permissions for all users on your property

Asset Management

Data fields

  • Store as much data as you want for all assets and fixtures using predefined fields or add your own custom ones


  • Store images for individual assets and fixtures


  • Upload and store documents for individual assets and fixtures

Tag Contacts

  • Tag associated contacts and vendors so you always have contact information when you need it

Location coordinates

  • Assets and fixtures are shown in their exact location on your property using geocoordinates

Dates onto calendar

  • Add purchase, warranty, and return dates to your calendar so you don’t miss a thing


  • Keep a color coded history within each asset to quickly identify concerns

User Management

Address Book

  • Organize your contacts into groups and even add notes to contacts

User Levels

  • User levels include an Owner, Owners Representative, Manager, or Tenant

Task List

  • Never miss a task with a shared task list among all users on a property. Assign users and update statuses to stay organized.

Maintenance Schedule

  • From weekly lawn mowing to annual pool opening and closing, you can schedule and track all maintenance tasks on a single shared calendar with assigned users

Unlimited Users

  • Add as many users as you want to help manage your property

Private vs Shared Data

  • Owners can choose whether individual data is shared with other users or private only to them

Advanced System

Cloud Based

  • Hosted by Amazon Web Services, your information is safe and always accessible from any device with an internet connection

Automatic Updates

  • Bugs are fixed quickly and new features are added frequently, all without you needing to do anything

Free Support

  • Contact us to solve any issue you come across or answer any question you have, totally free

Fast Setup

  • Getting your account setup to begin populating your property information is quick and simple

Real Time Sync

  • Add as many users as you want to help manage your property

Partnerships and Integrations

Link Inspect Pro

  • Request inspections and also have all your inspection data and reports instantly available in your account for any inspection done for you from a Link Inspect Pro company

Google Maps

  • Verify your property and asset locations using Google Maps


  • Integrate your schedule with Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or iCal so you never miss an appointment again


  • With 256-bit encryption and 99.99% uptime, your data is always accessible from any device

Become Verified

By becoming a Verified User you gain access to many added features including:

  • Add Units
  • Manage Tenants
  • Add Unlimited Users
  • Additional Free Storage
  • Share Calendars
  • And more