With countless features, Property Organizer is one of the most robust building management software’s available.  And the best part?  Our software and features are always expanding so if you are looking for a specific feature, it might just be an update away.

Feature highlights include:



Tailor many sections to fit your company needs, some of which include:
• Claiming Properties
• Property Layouts
• Asset Management
• Entering and Assigning Building Operators to individual properties
• Enter Task and Assign Building Operators to individual task
• Contact Groups
• And more


User Management

Add Building Operator – Setup accounts for property operators, inspectors, contractors or anyone who will be performing maintenance on your property.  It’s very easy just fill out a quick form with basic information.  Enter their email address and set a password for them (ex: you can enter their first name in lowercase they can change after login).  Automatic Email to Operators - The system automatically emails login credentials to the email address you provide, once they login to their account they will have access to any task assigned and linked to their email address.  You can assign them to a specific property or do not select a property and assign task for any property you claimed.  You maintain control and can quickly see if a task was completed and when. 
Real-time Sync - Data is uploaded to the cloud in real time so it can be viewed from any device while you’re still working
Unlimited Users - Whether you are an individual or a large company, there are no limits on how many users access the system and we scale to fit your needs
Efficient - Quickly and easily go through user management and enter their details

Property Management

Property Details - Combine all your property information and assets into a single dashboard.  Add and manage all your assets and fixtures with purchase date, warranty expiration date and upload documents (bill of sale, warranty docs) and images
Request Inspections – Create a New Order Form from any device, anywhere
Layout / Assets – Add your layout for the property and add assets to each room, you can edit the layout or assets anytime
Task – Enter task for a property and assign it to a operator you added in user management
View Documents – Upload/View documents for your property (warranties, deeds, insurance, bill of sale, etc. etc.)

Inspection Contracts

Inspection Contracts – View all inspection contracts that are linked to your properties in one location.  You can also view all inspection details broken down into each room as well as the full reports.
Real-time Sync - Data is uploaded to the cloud in real time so it can be viewed from any device

Address Book

Address Book – Manage a robust address book for all your contacts and contractors
Real-time Sync - Data is uploaded to the cloud in real time so it can be viewed from any device

Task List

Task List - Keep a task list to make sure no items are forgotten
Real-time Sync – Operators will see task assigned to them as they are linked to their email address

Advanced System

Cloud Based - Access from anywhere, at any time, on any device
Always Up-to-date - Automatic updates ensure you are always using the most up-to-date version
Ease of Use - After using the software just a short while and spending just a little time with our how-to guides you should be an expert in no time
Fast Setup - Simply enter some basic information and you can jump right into performing inspections
Free Support - Have a problem or a question?  Call or email us 7 days a week
No Commitments - With month to month pricing and no setup fee, cancel at anytime without penalty
Secure - Hosted by Amazon Web Services, our system has a 99.99% uptime and is backed up daily to ensure you're company is always running and your data is secure
Compatibility - Web app is compatible with any OS and most browsers, while mobile apps work on iPhone, iPad, and any Android device

Partnerships & Integrations

Link Inspect PRO - Link Inspect PRO allows users from Property Organizer not only to request inspections, but have the report flow into their dashboard on PO as well for easy record keeping
Google Maps - Google Maps helps you confirm the proper address is being claimed
Calendars - Integrate your schedule with Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or iCal so you never miss an appointment again