About Us

BIMS Corporation

Building Information Management Systems Corp. (BIMS) was founded in 2015 in New York.  BIMS saw a need for interconnected systems in order to create a central hub of information for property owners, and thus the concept of Property Linkware was born. After many years of research, design, and development BIMS is proud to release Property Organizer.

Property Linkware

Property Organizer is part of the Property Linkware* family of softwares, a system designed and developed by BIMS Corp. Property Linkware is a family of softwares designed to be used both independently or in conjunction with one another. The family of softwares include Property Organizer, Link Inspect Pro, Link Manage Pro, and Link Service Pro.

*Trademarked and Patent Pending

Property Organizer

Packed with loads of features, PO was designed with the homeowner in mind.  It will help homeowners, legal representatives, managers, brokers or even a tenant manage their property and assets from one centralized location.

Starting with claiming your property as a homeowner, entering all information regarding property, requesting inspections, creating a task list that displays on your homepage and calendar, viewing inspection contracts, and even adding your trusted building operators/inspectors for assigning to requested inspections or created task, our goal is to simplify your homeowner’s experience so you can be prepared with information when needed.